It’s been six months since I’ve bought any Jeep parts.

Ok, fine, I may have bought JL hood latches and a few other small things as part of my Jeep Beach prep. And I did get a birthday gift from Sami in February that involved some upgrades.

But, I have not spent any significant money on Jeep parts lately and it’s killing me!

After a few back-to-back trips this year (Hard Rock/Citrus, River Rock ORV, Jeepin’ with Judd), I was laid off from my job and unemployed for almost three months. I am now starting to get back on track, but my stretch dreams for my Jeep are just so much farther away.

Since my future plans for a stretch involve 40″ tires, an upgraded rear axle, and regearing (on top of the actual stretch), it’s going to cost a LOT of money that I don’t really have the liberty to spend at the moment.

It’s been a weird time not buying parts, but I am very happy with my build and would be ready to go wheeling in a day’s notice. It’s like if my Jeep is “done”. Although I do want to take my Jeep to the next level, it is done for what it is now, and I can say that I am super proud of it regardless if I haven’t dropped another pile of money into it lately!

I’ve been reminding myself that building a Jeep is not a race or competition. My driving skills are still behind, and I can still do some catching up before even worrying about a stretch.

I’m enjoying the journey, and taking my time.

One day,  Rajah will be the most amazing Jeep I never would have imagined at the dealer lot.

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