The most long awaited tire in the offroad industry has finally made its debut: the 42″ Nitto Trail Grappler. I was able to get a hold of these tires in February, the moment they became available to the public, thanks to Karnage Motorsports.

I have previously had 40″ Nitto and was very happy with the performance. However, I wanted a 42″ since my big axles sacrifice a lot of ground clearance. The 42″ only comes in a 20″ rim, and so I had to change the wheels as well. I paired the tires with some brand new KMC Grenade wheels, keeping the same iconic wheel color combination, and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. With a 42″ tire, a 20″ wheel is by far the best way to go.

Stock for these tires ran out so quickly, Rajah became one of the very few Jeeps with these tires. At Jeep Beach 2021, Rajah was displayed at the Nitto Tire booth.

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