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Rajah got a few upgrades in preparation for a wheeling trip to River Rock ORV. My boyfriend is so generous and gifted me a heavy duty crossmember and gas tank skid from Rough Country for my birthday.

I also got the new Motobilt JK fenders as well. I only have the front fenders because I plan to stretch my Jeep in the somewhat near future.

The Rough Country gas tank skid does not replace the stock one, but instead goes over it. My stock gas tank skid was really banged up, and we did our best to get it all straightened out. I even had an issue where my gas tank would not fill, and was missing about two gallons. It could have been an air bubble what was stuck in the tank or maybe even the tank was bent in a little. Regardless, since moving around the tank and banging out the stock skid, the gas tank now gets full again.

My stock crossmember was really beat up as well, and the new and shiny Rough Country crossmember was a great replacement.

I went with Rough Country because most brands use the same thick metal and design. I can save some money using some Rough Country parts and splurge in other areas like suspension on pricier brands. I’m very satisfied with the Rough Country parts.

As soon as the new Motobilt JK fenders debuted, I knew they were the perfect ones for my Jeep. Motobilt is really stepping up their game with products, especially for JLs. I definitely think they have some of the nicest armor around.

The usual tube fender style is not what I envisioned for Rajah, and it was a tough choice between Motobilt and JCR fenders. I like the “squarer” look more for my build, and the narrowness of the fenders makes it look much more aggressive.

A few notes about the Motobilt fenders: they are tough to fit, but they fit well once they are on. Also, the hardware that Motobilt includes is prone to rust, and FAST. Motobilt expects you to paint the hardware in order to avoid this, but I just bought stainless steel hardware instead, ahead of install.

I can’t wait to add more skid plates and heavy duty control arm mounts to my Jeep. I am really focused on functionality and capability over looks right now, and enjoying off-roading.

What have you added to your build lately?

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