River Rock ORV is a small but challenging park in Georgia. The property is amazing and has many obstacles that are extremely difficult and many that are moderate. There is something for everyone to enjoy at River Rock. Our President’s Day Weekend consisted of conquering this park that we had never before been to.

River Rock is in a small town in Georgia called Milledgeville, but it is also a college town so there are a lot of bars and restaurants downtown that will enhance the trip. We were able to have delicious dinner and drinks every night after wheeling, which is comforting after an entire day of wheeling and being dirty. The La Quinta we stayed at had nice rooms, free continental breakfast, freshly baked cookies, and superb service.

On the River Rock property, you are bound to meet the locals. It is evident that this park has a tight knit group of patrons that just love to wheel. Wheeling aside, this is what I loved the most about River Rock. We would run into others, and it felt like you were meeting family. The hospitality at this park is unmatched.

This was my first East coast wheeling trip outside of Florida. Going to Moab last summer was incredible, but the terrain here in the East is a completely different and much more difficult monster. I was nervous, but excited enough to push through the uncertainties. We were a group of only three Jeeps from Miami, but it was nice to be in a small group. It was a slightly rainy weekend, which left the park a little bit moist but not impossibly drenched. 

I learned so much on this trip. I can feel my driving skills getting exponentially better with each day I spend wheeling. The East coast wheeling is challenging, and I felt like I was able to wheel Rajah to his limits. There were many enormous rock piles that I didn’t even attempt–real awesome ones for Jeeps on 40s and 42s.

Oh, and I also suffered my first body damage (sad face).

I have been working on mastering “bumping it” and committing to climbs. The East coast is slippery and way less grippy than the terrain in Moab, and so sometimes you’ll feel tires slipping and the only way to get over it is to commit and stay on it. It is hard to learn the balance between committing and backing off, but it’s something that will come to you with enough practice and guidance.

River Rock is only about three hours away from Gulches, another offroad park. I have not been to Gulches yet, but it’s definitely on the list.

What is your favorite East coast wheeling park? 

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