It has been one year since Rajah was ceramic coated by Detail Garage 954, and he still looks like the shiniest and cleanest offroad Jeep ever. I am still super happy with my decision to get my Jeep ceramic coated, and I would do it again and on any other “nice” car I buy.

Every six months, Ruben has done a full fresh coat of ceramic on the Jeep to keep it looking absolutely perfect. The ceramic coating is great for offroading, because dirt and mud doesn’t stick as easily to the paint and can be washed off effortlessly.

It makes cleaning the exterior of the Jeep a lot faster and easier.

Before the ceramic coat, I was waxing my Jeep every 3-4 months, but with ceramic coat that waxing schedule is unnecessary. Not to mention, a ceramic coating is a lot stronger and more protective than wax.

Ruben cleaned up the interior of my Jeep as well, which has not been cleaned after several trips (River Rock ORV, Jeepin With Judd 2019, Jeep Beach 2019). There was plenty of sand and red Georgia clay covering the interior. Thanks to Ruben, my interior feels like it’s right off the lot again.

Of course, my hood is painted aftermarket and the factory paint is not as good. Over time, you can see that the factory paint on the cowl is very faded. The hood matched when I first got it, but the quality of the aftermarket paint is not showing any signs of fading at all. Unfortunately, ceramic coating will not provide this kind of protection for the paint, but it will protect against scratches, rock dings, etc. and provides much more protection than the paint job that comes with our cars when we buy them.

You can check out more of Ruben’s work on the Detail Garage 954 Instagram.

What does your cleaning methodology look like for your Jeep? Does it every look as shiny as Rajah does with the ceramic coat?

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