EVERYONE waits until the last minute to start prepping their Jeep for Jeep Beach, am I right or am I right?

Of course, Jeep Beach is known as the “mall crawler” event since there is nowhere to offroad and attendees just cruise the beach and browser the vendor exhibition all week long. Most people take advantage of this event to manicure up their Jeeps, and make them shine again. This may consist of new upgrades, repainting and re-powdercoating parts, fixing broken functions, etc. Nobody wants a beat up Jeep in their beach photoshoot!

After wheeling so much lately (Jeep Ranch, Hard Rock, River Rock, Jeepin’ with Judd, etc), my Jeep has suffered. There are pounds of dirt and sand in the interior, and a lot of paint has rubbed off and surface rust has appeared. It is finally time to make Rajah great again.

My Jeep Beach prep consists of some maintenance and some polishing up, but no major upgrades.

  • Upgraded the Poison Spyder aluminum hawse fairlead to a Factor 55 fairlead
  • Upgraded the Drake Off Road hood latches to JL OEM hood latches. The JL latches are GREAT quality, and although they look a bit bulky on a JK, you get used to it quickly. Thanks to JK Gear and Gadgets for the inspiration on this particular modification.
  • Oil change and tire rotation.
  • New windshield wipers.
  • Painted the PSC hydro assist cylinder to match the Jeep. The rod ends were also a bit covered in surface rust, and I was able to sand it down and paint it silver to clean it up. I am absolutely obsessed with how this turned out!
  • Sanded and touched up the Synergy steering components with Synergy touch up paint. Everything looks so fresh now.
  • Touched up the paint on the axles, springs, skid plates, frame, etc. Then I sprayed WD-40 on the entire undercarriage.
  • Uninstalled the SpiderWebShade and put it through a cycle in the washing machine to clean it, then reinstalled.

Rajah is looking REVIVED for this Jeep Beach, and I can’t wait to get some new pictures of him on the beach. What’s on your preparations list for Jeep Beach?

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