After almost five years of having a Jeep, I finally signed up for AAA.

When you get a Jeep, everyone warns you about them being unreliable, tells you their stories about being broken down on the side of the road and stranded by their beloved TJ, etc.

I never listened. I bought my Jeep brand new from the dealer. I have done every single recommended maintenance. I have put the highest quality oil I could find and done oil changes frequently only with OEM filters. I have religiously greased joints, checked all bolts and made sure they are tight every time I go offroad. Rotated all my tires often to wear evenly. And more.

I am very picky when it comes to maintenance and always thought the chances of Rajah leaving me stranded are SLIM.

Boy have I been wrong. Although I am on top of all maintenance, dash lights, and random noises, I was left stranded at a Chick-Fil-A on my lunch break. The Jeep wouldn’t turn on and I had to take an Uber back to my office. It wasn’t the only time, either, and it took us HOURS to diagnose the problem before being able to fix it. It turned out, the ground cable went bad and so all the electrical connections of the Jeep weren’t working.

This may have been a random situation, but you never know when AAA can save you. Rather than running the hassle or cost of getting towed or bothering a friend with a trailer to come save you, AAA will be worth the membership.

If you drive to offroading locations, splurge on the membership that gives you the most towing miles.

In case anything ever happens while you’re wheeling, and you need a tow home, AAA will have you covered.

If you want to sign up for AAA, use my referral link and both of us will earn $20 to spend on AAA renewals.

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