Jeepin’ with Judd 2019 was another successful Florida wheeling event. Since Jeepin’ with Judd requires camping in muggy Florida, we only stayed at the event for one day, but we were able to wheel the hardest difficulty trails and obstacles.

Jeepin’ with Judd is my favorite Florida Jeep event. There are 8-9 different trails as well as easy, moderate, and extreme obstacle courses. I actually let my sister drive my Jeep on one of the advanced trails, which made it a lot more fun. We didn’t spend much time at all in the vendor area, since we were busy trying to get trails and obstacle courses done.

We wheeled River Rock ORV the weekend before Jeepin’ with Judd, and so my Jeep has been a little bit neglected maintenance wise with two trips back to back. As soon as I got back Sunday afternoon, I went to town on maintenance.

My post JWJ maintenance included:

  • Cleaning air filter, a must after dusty trips like JWJ always is.
  • Cleaning winch line: after some winch use in muddy River Rock, it was needed.
  • Detailing the engine bay.
  • Pressure washing undercarriage and mud away.

If you want to know more about JWJ, check out my post on JWJ and What to Expect.

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