This is the 4th year of the annual Krawl’n for the Fallen event at The Jeep Ranch in Florida. This event is hosted by the Off-Road United Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

The mission of this event is to raise money that is donated to the families of fallen law enforcement officers. It is an event for all off road enthusiast to raise awareness, show support and to honor, remember and pay our respects for those who are no longer with us. On average 140-160 officers lose their lives in the line of duty each year.

This year’s Krawl’n event was my first time at The Jeep Ranch. The Jeep Ranch definitely exceeded my expectations for an offroad park in Florida. Unfortunately, the land is being sold and will no longer be an offroad park anymore, and so Krawl’n is one of the last times you would be able to ride here.

My friend Danielle and I drove up early Saturday morning and made it to The Jeep Ranch around 10am. We successfully avoided long trail lines by first visiting the vendor area and checking out the raffles. There were SO MANY raffles, and many for really sweet items like a set of Falcon shocks. Most vendors at this event were small, local apparel and unique trade companies. I ended up getting a new CB antenna from the 4Wheel Parts tent, which was much needed for this trip since I’ve somehow lost my prior one!

There were 4 trails at The Jeep Ranch. We heard one of the trails was incredibly muddy, so we opted out of that one. The other three trails were some of the funnest trails I’ve done in Florida. They definitely required some maneuvering and skilled driving. There were bypasses for the harder sections of trails, which make the trails doable for Jeeps of all levels of modifications.

Another fun part of The Jeep Ranch was the small obstacle course. It is short and sweet and perfect for getting some good articulation photos. 

There was a night ride on Saturday night that was a guided trail ride sponsored by Ferman Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram of Tampa. To participate in the night ride, you are required to purchase a ticket in advance at an additional cost to the event. We unfortunately didn’t get to participate in this but it’s pretty neat to be able to wheel at night since most Jeep events don’t offer this!

Sunday morning we packed up early, played around on the trails a bit, and headed back to Miami. One full day at The Jeep Ranch was sufficient to enjoy the Krawl’n for the Fallen event, and do all the trails at least once.

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Update: It is my understanding that since the publication of this post, The Jeep Ranch has not been sold and the event is planned to be continued in the future.

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