To be honest, I hadn’t heard of the brand Glossier until recently when I started seeing ads on Instagram for the Miami pop up store.

Glossier’s motto is “skin first, makeup second,” and it is a mostly online retailer with two stores—LA and NYC. Glossier’s pop up store in Miami will only last a month, and my sister Vicky and I had to take advantage of it and test out the products ourselves.

Glossier took advantage of the Miami art scene and set their pop up right next to the heart of Wynwood, the Wynwood Walls. Situated in a hot warehouse cooled by fans, Glossier decore was Miami themed. Fruit carts and Miami Art Deco colors and signs filled the main hallway. The fruit carts were filled with mangoes and coconuts, some of the main ingredients used in Glossier products. The store itself was small, but the real estate was used wisely in displaying products, and no inventory was in site. To purchase items, you would have to order with an employee on an iPad, and your order will be packaged and brought out when it was ready.

The capacity of the store was regulated in a one out, one in way which formed a line outside the store. The line moved quickly but Vicky and I visited on a hot midday so the sweat beads predictably rolled in.

Among the most “Instagrammable” spots in the store was the Mango Room. Glossier set up a hallway inside that is filled with dangling mango trees and mangos. It also has a sleek mirror with the Glossier logo. Another spot was the logo at the entrance of the store, which was extremely Miami Art Deco themed.

The mural engulfing the entrance of the warehouse is called “The Breakthrough” by Jacquie Comrie. She is known for creating colorful spaces and for being a mental health advocate.

Although not everything was available for purchase at the Miami pop up, the selection was a wholesome representation of the brand. You can really FEEL the “skin first, makeup second” motto as soon as you apply any product.

I tried to behave myself and not splurge, and I think I did pretty well. I left the Glossier pop up with only a few items.

Balm Dotcom: This universal skin balm is so soft and conditioning. It can be used anywhere and is very moisturizing. I have added this to my daily makeup bag since it’s so small and useful. I opted for the coconut fragrance, but the cherry, rose, and mango options were tempting! I can definitely see myself purchasing this again in the future even without having a pop up store to shop at.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: Don’t mind the fact that I have not one, but THREE cleansers I am already using in some rotation, I STILL had to have this milky jelly cleanser as soon as I felt it on my skin. This product has a pump, which is perfect for not overusing it. I know just one pump of cleanser is enough, and easy to measure. My skin feels amazing immediately after using this, and I can say that it is my favorite cleanser for sure.

Generation G Lipstick: I have been needing a new, natural colored lipstick since I lost my go-to Nars shade. I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks or lip gloss, and so a neutral shade of classic lipstick it is. I picked up the Generation G in the shade Leo; I tend to sway toward brown shades over pinks and reds but I can see myself with multiple shades of this lipstick. It is very moisturizing and sheer and so this has become a daily product for me. My lips tend to get dry and honestly I can’t see myself with any other lipstick at this point. I highly recommend picking up this product if you are the classic lipstick type of girl!

Here are a few honorable mentions of products that I really liked but didn’t want to fully commit to them just yet.

Milky Oil: This is Glossier’s makeup remover and boy is it impressive. With one quick swipe, it removes everything you have caked onto your face! The size of the product is what kept me from purchasing but it really is an impressive makeup remover and can be utilized as a travel sized.

Boy Brow: Boy Brow is a brow pomade that comes in a few shades. I like how light and buildable it is. You can really style or tame your brows with it—depending on what you like more. It comes in several shades or in clear so that you can choose if you want to use it to add color and fill as well as the styling.

Everything came in a cute, pink makeup bag that can be reused. It has small bubbles to protect the contents from breaking which is nifty especially if you’ve ever cracked shadows.

Overall, I loved the Glossier Pop Up Miami experience and have enjoyed every single product I purchased. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for more pop up stores in this amazing city.

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