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Spring. Warmth. Jeep Beach. Rainy days. What’s not to love about this perfect season?

This spring faves post is a part of a seasonal favorites series, where I am collecting my latest obsessions and sharing my best product finds with you.

Eno Hammock: A must, especially for lounging around at the upcoming Jeep Beach (if you’ve never slung a hammock between two Jeeps this is the time). The Eno hammock is superb quality. I have used mine for years and there is not a single tear in the fabric. Even the carabiners that are included are of the beat quality. You’ll also need to get some hammock tree straps to go with it since trees are not usually a perfect distance apart for a hammock.

DJI Mobile Stabilizer: I have been trying to get back into video lately, and I have realized I can do so much on my new iPhone XS, video-wise. I just took the plunge and got the DJI Mobile Stabilizer. It is way more compact and convenient than carrying around an entire drone. I can’t wait to start recording using this!

Reusable Straws: I know, these sound lame. But, do you know how much paper straws SUCK?! Pun intended. They really do. All of a sudden, you order a delicious milkshake from a cool desert spot and bam, they hit you with a PAPER STRAW. Imagine how convenient it would be to have a reusable metal or silicone straw handy in your purse or car’s glove compartment. Instant gratification. I bought this assorted pack of metal AND silicone straws so that I had a choice of whichever I wanted to use at the moment. They are “regular size”. Many options online are jumbo, or slim, ando so it’s actually a bit trickier to get normal sized straws. These come with two storage bags which is nice. I keep one in the kitchen and the small one on the go. 

HydroFlask: I. Have. Converted. HydroFlask is my new go-to for keeping drinks hot or cold. Rtic and Yeti, move over. HydroFlask is amazing, and I’m obsessed with the option to have a straw on my water bottle. It is way more efficient than unscrewing a lid and definitely helps me drink more water! Sounds silly, I know, but it really does help. Also, I might have  grown to have a HydroFlask problem. I have the coffee flask and the HydroFlask koozie (cooler cup) as well! I also LOVE the fun colors they have. If you like your water bottle to fit in your car’s cup holder, get the 18oz! The 32oz is too big for the car and for many water dispensers.

Bose Portable Speaker: Spring is here and so are beach and outdoor days. This portable Bluetooth speaker from Bose is compact and high quality. It’s perfect to keep in your car in case you find yourself relaxing outside, having lunch, or whatever your day may bring. Also, you can’t go wrong with the assorted colors they offer.

Chacos: I get so much smack from my friends about these sandals but they are truly the best. I can both hike and beach with these on, and they are extremely strong and firm like sneakers and so rocky terrain is a breeze. I also love using them for water sports because they can get wet and do not get hot since they are a sandal and not a water slipper. These are a great investment and I actually am on my second pair of them. You can shop all sorts of models and patterns on the Chaco website but Zappos sometimes has them a bit cheaper too.

What are your latest obsessions this spring season?

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