VKS Fab announced a garage sale on Instagram (@vksfab) one night and it was already like past midnight Eastern time. I just so happened to be lucky enough to be awake at that hour and snag up a Shorty V2 bumper by VKS for $200 shipped and powder coated. I chose this bumper because it came with fog light holes and d-ring mounts. It also has the style winch hoop I personally like.

This garage sale deal was a steal because the d-ring mounts on the bumper are defective. Regular d-rings won’t fit because the mount was welded on too close to the body, so the d-rings have to be grinded down in order to fit. However, if you use soft d-rings it will also work okay.

I was going to re-powder coat my front bumper but this deal came up and I couldn’t pass on it. I sold the Poison Spyder Brawler Lite bumper and bought the VKS bumper instead. The VKS Shorty front bumper requires frame cutting in order to fit. This dramatically improved my approach angle on the Jeep. The approach angle is the maximum angle a vehicle can crawl up without touching the bottom of the front of a vehicle. Since the bumper is more tucked in due to the slight frame cut at the front end, the approach angle increases and makes it easier to get over an obstacle.

All the VKS products look great, and have really great quality. I have also heard really great things about the VKS rock sliders. However, my rear bumper that arrived a few months ago came in a tattered box. This front bumper also came in a torn up box, which chipped a lot of powder coat off the edges.

I also got a set of new revolver lights from Inspired Engineering to go with my new bumper and cut the crash bar off the bottom of the frame. Unfortunately, the winch hoop is too short that my Inspired Engineering Prismatic lightbar no longer fits on the winch fairlead mount. This bumper has completely changed the look of my Jeep. It’s more aggressive, sleeker, narrower, and more tucked. I love it! Next up: rear bumper install as soon as I get it back from powder coating!

VKS front bumpers are extremely customizable. They offer the option on their website to select which kind of winch hoop you want and whether to add fog light holes or not. They have a great selection of options for people who are really picky like me!

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