Rajah finally got lit up with rock lights! Thanks to Inspired Engineering and their quality off-road lighting solutions, Rajah now has nice accessory lighting, that doubles as extra night wheeling lighting too.

The RGB rock lights use red, green, and blue lights to be able to mix into and create any color on a color wheel. The RGB lights are controlled by an app where you can control color, brightness, flashing patterns, and more. They are a ton of fun to play with and to show off at meet ups and socials.

Inspired Engineering installed six lights. One on each wheel well, and one on each slider. The lighting is practical, and satisfies my taste, but of course you can double up and add even more for extra mall crawl factor.  

I also just recently took the plunge on a brand new iPhone XS, and was able to capture some sick shots with the RGB rock lights installed. The iPhone XS camera captures the lighting at night awesomely! If you want your rock lights to look this good, definitely hit up Inspired Engineering.

In addition to the RGB rock lights, I also had a light bar installed and mounted on my winch fairlead. I used to have a Prismatic 14″ light bar installed here but the new VKS front bumper winch hoop was too small to fit the Prismatic light bar. I ended up going for a single row white light only light bar instead. I’m really happy with the look of the bumper, winch, and lightbar. The approach angle is much higher than before, and the light bar and winch are tucked in tight.

The last little recent mod is a subtle detail. I got my Factor 55 Prolink and Hitchlink custom powdercoated to match my Jeep’s body color (this detail is inspired by my friend @miss.jku!). It was gray before, and blended in altogether with the front end, but now it stands out. What is even better is that orange is the color for safety, so it’s nice to have an orange colored Prolink for winching purposes. Who else has their Prolink color matched?

I am loving the new orange accent on the Prolink, along with the orange boots of the RCV axles. Next up, Reid Racing knuckles? Orange all the things!

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