Ladies. Take it from me. The dip powder manicure is making a comeback, and it will be your best friend.

Are you active? Work out? Change your own oil? Install your own parts? This manicure is for you.

I swam competitively in high school and played waterpolo. I had given up on manicures early in life because I could get my nails done one day, and the polish would be floating off in the pool two days later (if that). Then, I joined the military and we were only allowed very neutral colors (boring!). I was never the manicured type…

Gel manicures came along and they helped a little. It was a more durable manicure than regular nail polish, but it is abusive to your natural nails and after removal, you feel like your nails are so weak that you don't even want to wear nailpolish until they recover. With gel polish, I still chipped them often and they never last the advertised two weeks.

Now, the dip powder manicure is making a comeback. I tried it and it has been a gamechanger for me.

Chipping? Never. Dulling? Hardly.

I can do everything I normally do from lifting weights to helping with part installs and not be afraid of breaking a nail or ruining my manicure.

The dip powder manicure is also known as an SNS, or Signature Nail System, manicure. SNS is a brand that makes the powders for these colors. The process is fairly simple, although I do recommend having it both done and removed by a professional. A base coat is applied, and then covered in powder for a few layers, and then it is sealed on top with a shiny and protective layer. I've been doing this manicure for about six months now, and each time it lasts around three to four whole weeks without a single chip.

I highly recommend this manicure to you ladies out there who are rough with your hands, but still want to maintain a manicured look. It has made my nails stronger and longer than ever, and it is much gentler on my nails than gel polish.

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