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This weekend was the 4 Wheel Parts show in Miami, Florida, as well as many other 4 Wheel Parts locations.  The Miami event was done in celebration of Women Who Wheel!  Being Women’s History Month as well, it was such a perfect event to highlight the lady Jeeping community of South Florida!  Beginning around 10am, the event lasted all day and was FILLED with things to do. From vendors, to street performers, the event was a complete success and you could easily spend all day there.

I had the honor of being an ambassador for the event! Creating this blog has been my medium for helping other lady Jeepers and new Jeepers learn and for sharing my personal Jeepin’ knowledge.  Black Sheeps 4×4, the local Jeep Club in charge of putting together the event, asked me to be an ambassador and I couldn’t say no.  It was pretty neat to have up front parking for Rajah, and to hear my name be announced by the Emcee!

Speaking of the Emcee, DJ Flip was the BEST. He was on the tunes as well as encouraging attendees to check out the vendors and what they offered.  His talent was the perfect addition to the event, and made it just the right amount of rowdy.

Vendors included stickers on demand by 4×4 Graphics, offroad lifestyle apparel by Son of a Mudder, and fresh homemade lemonade and more by FarmLife Kettle.  There was even an artist doing live paintings on Jeeps.  The Jeep Girls of Florida club was also out at a booth representing the female Jeep drivers of Florida!

4 Wheel Parts graciously provided food and drinks around lunchtime. On the grill were a few Black Sheeps 4×4 members who volunteered their time to help cook and make sure everyone  was fed!  Big thanks to these guys–I was pretty darn hungry, and the vendors who were at the event all day definitely needed some sustenance as well.

The highlight of the event was probably the flex ramp competition.  With several categories ranging from CJ to JKU, the competition was pretty fierce for the King and Queen titles of each.  Ramp inches were converted into RTI scores, adjusting for the different wheel bases of each model Jeep.  I was so excited to hear that Rajah and I won Queen of the Ramp in the JK (2 door) category with a score of 873!  My friend Danielle won in the JKU category as well!

Towards the end of the event, the raffle prizes were given out.  As an ambassador, I was presenting prizes to winners and drawing raffle tickets.  I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT THE PRIZES WOULD EVER END!  So many folks got to win so many prizes!  Thanks to the huge amount of donors and sponsors for the event, the prizes ranged from winches and bumpers to brewery and winery tasting tickets!

The event was a HUGE success.  Shelah (@yogajeep) organized the event extremely well.  She is a local Jeeper and a member of the Black Sheeps 4×4 and was extremely dedicated from start to finish.  Shelah, you are amazing!  Way to represent lady Jeepers with the flawless and seamless organization of this event.  It would not have been the same without you!

Big thank you to Black Sheeps 4×4 Jeep club and 4Wheel Parts Miami for hosting and sponsoring such a great event!

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