It’s that time of year again for my favorite Florida Jeep event–Jeepin’ With Judd!

JWJ 2017 was the first time I ever attended the event.  We rode out of Miami early Saturday morning with a group of about ten Jeeps and Karnage Motorsports. I had no idea what to expect from this event, and I just had lift, wheels, and tires installed on my Jeep about three months earlier.

Jeepin’ with Judd is an AMAZING event for both new wheelers and old alike. There is an advanced registration cost of $60 (ends February 16), but the event is well worth the money.  Take advantage of pre-registration because if you wait until the day of, it will be $80 to register. Registration covers one Jeep and spectators are free. There are several trails at each ability level, ranging from stock 2WD to advanced. Although the lines for the trail rides may seem long, you can coordinate so you make it to the trail rides that will suit your Jeep at the scheduled times.


Be sure to check the Jeepin with Judd website to see which trails can be done with the modifications done on your Jeep. Don’t be intimidated, since every Jeeper can join in on the fun, even if your Jeep is bone stock!

On the trail rides, there are guides who lead and anchor each group. They use a CB radio to communicate the whole time, so if you don’t have one right now, it can be a great mod to do just in time for the event. These guides are extremely knowledgeable–be sure to take advantage of them if you have any questions!

The obstacle courses are different from the trail rides. They also range in difficulty level from stock to advanced, but they are much shorter than the trail rides. They are a great opportunity to test your Jeep and wheeling skills on many obstacles that are specifically set up for the event. Don’t worry–there will be spotters that can help you make it over an obstacle!

While you’re not trail riding, you can check out vendor row as there are always tons of vendors lined up in booths showcasing their products. You can also watch other built Jeeps try their luck at the advanced obstacle course. (Watching me and my Jeep tackle the advanced course last year was probably quite a spectacle).


Camping at the event is an additional cost of $20 per night per site (be sure to check out additional information on the JWJ website). If you don’t already have a hotel reservation, camping is probably the only way to go. Although the camping at JWJ is on a ranch bedazzled in cow manure, it’s still a great experience (as long as you don’t accidentally set up your tent on top of someone’s natural toilet, ew).  Camping and off-roading go hand in hand. Although there are no showers, immersing yourself in nature feels great. Who else doesn’t love waking up in a tent and going straight to wheeling?! It’s always a fun experience for me, and I love spending all the time I can get outdoors. Last year’s JWJ was perfectly chilly for a fire and s’mores.

Jeepin’ with Judd Prep for Rajah

This year, my Jeepin’ with Judd prep includes (1) RCVs to replace my front axle shafts, one of which I broke at Jeeptoberfest 2017, and (2) Performance Steering Components hydro assist. Check back for a future post about both these installs!

Have you registered yet? Which trails are you planning on doing? Hope to see you at Jeepin’ with Judd!

The photo on this post is from JWJ 2017 taken by VMP Offroad. See more photos from our JWJ 2017 trip here.


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