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A citizens band radio, or CB radio, is a system of short-distance radio communication.  CB Radios, unlike HAMM radios, don’t require a license, so they make an easy and efficient way of communicating on the trail.  Setting up a CB radio on your Jeep might be intimidating because there are a lot of parts associated with it, but they are a great way of communicating on the trail. Forget the hassle of dialing your cell phone, or your Bluetooth not working, or having to make multiple calls while off-roading. A CB radio is definitely the way to go. You just pick up the mic, press a button, and you will be able to communicate with anybody else who has a CB radio on the same channel. Another bonus is–unlike cell phones–you can talk to multiple people at the same time, without having to create a tedious conference call.

Here’s what you need to set up your Jeep with a CB radio:

First, you need a CB radio. They are fairly inexpensive to buy and this CB radio is a good starter one.

A CB radio mount to mount the radio inside your Jeep. I use this mount from Rugged Ridge that mounts to the top center of your windshield area. I find it to be a really convenient spot for me to reach for and centralized in case I have a passenger that is communicating for me.

You will also need an antenna, along with a few other accessories like the cable, the antenna mount, the spring (more for convenience than anything else). This FireStik Antenna Kit comes with everything you need. I personally have a 4 foot antenna and it is a perfect length so that it is not too tall, but also tall enough to achieve a great signal strength.  I previously had a three foot antenna and it was not as great a signal. Also, if the signal on your CB isn’t good, you may need to buy a tuner and tune it so that the signal gets better (more on this soon). The kit also comes with a 17-foot coaxial cable, which needs to run from the antenna to the radio (pretty much the whole length of your Jeep). There are tons of YouTube videos that can teach you how to do your own CB radio install.

Depending on what tire carrier you have, you may need to get a different antenna mount. The antenna is usually mounted in the rear of the Jeep on the tire carrier, but can also be mounted elsewhere if you wish. The spring is convenient because sometimes the antenna may not fit through parking garages. The spring makes the antenna flexible enough so it can bend and won’t be destroyed if it doesn’t fit inside a parking garage.

How do you have your CB radio set up?

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