This Saturday, the South Florida Women Who Wheel organized a group event at Lazy Springs Recreational Park. The park is about a two hour drive from where I live in Miami.

There were multiple convoys to Lazy Springs, coming from both coasts of Florida. Mostly everyone was ready with a CB radio and ready to go. Several Jeep clubs came for the day, including South East Jeeps, South Beach Jeeps, and Caloosa Jeepers. Jeffrey (@nekkidsoles), a Jeeper from Miami, cooked pulled pork with his homemade bar-b-cue sauce and Amanda (@blackpearlmermaid) made mac n cheese for the day. Everyone appreciated their amazing cooking skills. Thank you Jeffrey and Amanda!

Lazy Springs is the perfect, nearby location for new Jeepers to learn and test the capabilities of their stock Wranglers, or even for advanced Jeepers to go practice on rock piles and test out the latest modifications.  This day at Lazy was very dry and dusty, but that didn’t stop us.


This was my first time at Lazy Springs with lockers and hydro assisted steering, and boy did it make a difference. Although Lazy Springs may not be the biggest park, or very well maintained, it is still good to practice rock crawling for me since a lot of my newest modifications are very new and I haven’t wheeled with them as much.

My friend Danielle (@miss.jku) let me flex on her 37″ tire, which was the first time I’ve ever done this. It was super cool to be able to take pictures with our Jeeps set up that way! Shortly after that picture, Danielle actually broke something in her axle and lost 4×4 capability on a rock pile, where I winched her out.

The Obstacles

Wicked Trail: A fun trail ride that gets you a birds eye view of the entire part. Perfect for stock and modified Jeeps! There are also lots of other hills you can climb around the park.

Pipes and Culverts: These are both great obstacles to test your driver ability, but be careful on the pipes. It is easy to sink your Jeep into the soft sand, and if you keep trying, you will kick up all that sand into your Jeep.

Little Rubicon & Rock Piles: These are for the Jeepers who are rock crawler ready. If you are new to rock crawling, the rock piles at Lazy Springs are a great place to start.

Mud: There’s a lot of water and sand, and you can definitely get dirty out here. Be responsible though, and take care of your Jeep afterwards. Hose down the radiator to prevent overheating, and don’t go into a water hole that is too deep!

There’s also a lake with multiple beach areas. There is a slide, and a zipline, which make the lake a lot of fun. Lazy Springs also allows jetskis too, however it isn’t that big of an area for jetskis. Lazy Springs also offers overnight camping in case you want to stay the night and make a weekend trip out of the park.

Thank you to Mikal Abdullah from South East Jeeps for these great photos. If you need your Jeep photographed, check him out!

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