I have been contemplating the idea of getting a dry curly haircut for a LONG time now. After much research and comparing hair stylists, I finally took the plunge.

If you have curly hair like me, you know what the struggle is like with trying to tame it, getting bad haircuts, battling frizz, etc. I have never paid any more than $20 for a haircut, but I’ve also never been happy with one.

The Curl Ninja, Stephanie, had me come in for a free consultation so she could take a look at my hair and also so I could buy some DevaCurl products at the salon. One month later, I was ready for the cut.

My hair was incredibly uneven, and I had no idea it was this bad. Stephanie cuts visually, and she has a lot of experience with dry curly haircuts. I trusted her completely to do what she needed to do and to give my hair some shape. Check out the results in these before and after photos.

I found her pricing incredibly reasonable for the amazing service she provides. She took her time with my hair, since I had also mentioned I had a wedding to attend the next day. I am EXTREMELY happy with my curls and how they are now cut. Stephanie also gave me countless tips for my hair and curls that money definitely could not buy.

You can book Stephanie and see more of her work online and on YouTube at TheCurlNinja.com

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