LOGO w Green croppedInspired Engineering is a local Miami company and reputable shop that sells offroad LED lighting and builds some of the sickest jeeps in all of Miami. Inspired Engineering was founded in 2006 by an Army veteran who was an avid automobile enthusiast. Starting in a home garage, and now on their second location Inspired Engineering is my go-to for everything from a basic tune up or oil change, to an axle swap.

I never anticipated my Jeep would be built like it is today, and I can thank Inspired Engineering for all their hard work and attentiveness to my build, and making my dreams come true.

My Jeep currently runs the following Inspired Engineering lighting products:

  • Light Worx 7″ Round LED headlights
  • Revolver Pair for OEM fog light replacement
  • Prismatic Series 12″ RGB LED Bar mounted on winch fairlead
  • A Pillar Cube Kit with dual cube setup

Go to inspired-engineering.com for more information and feel free to comment or reach out to me if you have any questions.

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