If you know me personally, you know I have been lugging around the same iPhone SE for the past three years. I am not a huge fan of spending money on phones, especially nowadays they are so expensive and that money can go towards Jeep parts instead (duh).

Well, the iPhone XS is out and I decided to take the plunge into a brand new, big screen, fancy camera phone. To go with it, I also got a new phone mount for my Jeep from ProClip USA.

The ProClip mount is not just a phone mount. It’s an entire mounting SYSTEM.


There are tons of options for that are specifically designed for each vehicle to be sturdy and durable. For Jeep JK’s and JKU’s, there are three dashboard bases available: the regular dash base that only mounts on a corner by the radio, the extra strength base that mounts the entire length of the radio, and the extra strength wide base that extends a bit past the length of the radio.

I personally opted for the extra strength base that mounts over the length of the radio. I chose this one since I could see ALL THE POSSIBILITIES I can mount with it. There are actually existing holes at the top for a GoPro-specific mount. I do a lot of video with my GoPro so this is a super handy mount to have, that is actually placed right in the middle of the dash. It can also mount my phone, and a passenger’s phone as well which is a nice option to have. Not only are there those three built in mounting options, but it also still has enough space to possibly mount my CB radio handheld and my Baofeng radio. I don’t have existing mounting options for these, and they are usually just laying around and bouncing around in my Jeep during offroading, so I will definitely be looking into using additional ProClip mounts for these on the base I already have. I even want to get the bicycle mount for mountain biking!  


In addition to the base, you’ll also need the actual mount for the phone. I opted for a magnetic mount, the iOauto Pro magnetic mount, to fit with my new iPhone. I have never used a magnetic mount but I have been impressed by the sturdiness and quality of it. It’s very easy to move around and angle in the exact way you want. The magnet is incredibly strong, and I have not been at all worried about my phone falling off. It also comes with a 3M sticker to place on your phone between the magnet, to protect your phone if you would like.

There is also a huge selection of non-magnetic phone-specific holders that are designed to fit with a variety of cases as well as chargers.


ProClip makes it easy. Just pick your make and model of phone, and then pick your holder!

To give the ProClip mount the ultimate test, I installed it just in time for Jeeptoberfest 2018, where I offroaded my Jeep through the obstacle course. My previous phone mount, which was a suction cup on the window, was extremely shaky and unstable while offroading. The mount itself was great for regular driving, but it was useless offroading if I needed to be viewing a GPS or something. Through the entire Jeeptoberfest course, the ProClip mount did not move or shake, and my phone was very steadily held on. This is a huge bonus for the offroad and Jeep world.

The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of is that the protector for the magnet is a square shape and is not really subtle on your phone. You can fix this by cutting the 3M protector into the circular shape and then applying it to your pone, and the magnet will hide the edges. This is a really nit-picky complaint, though. Some of the radio buttons may be a little blocked by the base, but they aren’t any important radio buttons and they volume, and station changer are both still very easily accessible. Check out my installation video on YouTube for a better look!


Overall, ProClip mounting systems seem to be very useful for Jeeps, since they are so versatile and sturdy. I would highly recommend investing in a ProClip system.

It will probably be the last phone mount you ever buy for your Jeep!

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