Cars Curing Cancer.

That sounds like it doesn’t make sense, right? How in the world would cars ever cure cancer?

The Cars Curing Cancer event took place on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The purpose of this car show was to raise donations for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and everyone in attendance was ready to support the cause. I actually never went and introduced myself to the founder, Andres Rangel, but I regret that I didn’t. I read his letter on the website, and I could really understand why he is so passionate about this cause. Andres lost his father to cancer, and his father is the one who gave him the love he has for cars now.

Cars Curing Cancer is a car show exhibiting some of South Florida’s coolest rides while raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This event took place at Tropical Park, where the parking lot was jam packed full with some of the coolest cars in Miami–ranging from Corvettes to donks to Jeeps and VW bugs. Passersby on the main road next to the parking couldn’t resist trying to get a peek at what was going on, and some even stopped in to join us, even if they didn’t personally have a car to show off.

There were tons of vendors at the even who were donating their profits, and DJ Flip created the perfect vibe for a Sunday afternoon car show. Businesses raffled items like car details and alignments in order to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There were plenty of food vendors who also donated, and even a mobile barber shop!

Although Andres’ personal car scene is mostly in Corvettes, cars of ALL kinds came together for an incredibly meaningful cause. The South Florida Jeep community also had an incredible presence at the show. So many people were able to enjoy the event, including other fathers and their sons, and Cars Curing Cancer made that possible.

Stay up to date with Cars Curing Cancer, and get ready for the next one. This was just the beginning.

Cars Curing Cancer
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