To celebrate my birthday, a group of friends of mine went camping to my favorite camping spot in Florida: Fisheating Creek.

We arrived late Friday night, set up camp, started a fire and some dinner, and hung out around the fire all night. My sisters brought a cake to cut in celebration, and we had jerk chicken for dinner that was cooked on a small grill from Bass Pro Shops. After dinner and some cake, we went on a fun little night time hike of the campground just to have some fun. We found a tire swing, and had a blast.

We brought our kayaks, life jackets, and our favorite games for the trip. Fisheating Creek has a creek running through the campsite that is filled with gators and other Florida wildlife. Although swimming is not exactly highly recommended in the creek, there is a separate lake where swimming is encouraged. The campground does not lack in activities and amenities. Although we stayed in a primitive campsite, there are showers and there are campsites with water and electricity hookups. They also offer very convenient kayak and canoe rentals!

On Saturday morning, we woke up, cooked up some eggs, bacon, and potatoes and headed to the water for a kayak adventure. The water level was extremely low, since it is the dry season in Florida, but it was an adventure nonetheless. While there were areas where we had to walk through the creek and drag our kayaks, there was still a very nice current to help carry us along (on the return trip), and plenty of birds and gators to watch out for on our trip.

We had lunch and dinner and made s’mores all night long. I cooked my favorite camping meal for dinner: spaghetti with chili sauce and cheese. It was a crowd FAVE, even for the picky eaters of the group.

On Sunday, it was time to head home. No matter who I am with, I always have such an amazing time at this campground. If you are looking for an authentic Florida adventure at a campground packed with activity, I highly recommend Fisheating Creek as the best go-to spot!



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