Lilly Pulitzer Planner – The Lilly Pulitzer planners are my holy grail of planners. It was my gateway drug into the excessive world of planning, pens, highlighters, you name it. This planner, in my opnion, has the perfect layout for any student.

Apple Watch Series 5 – I recently started a new job, and so obviously I had to treat myself to a little gift. I got the my first Apple Watch, the series 5 and I am in love! It was totally worth getting for the always-on feature. It helps me make my work appointments on time, and is just so efficient for life overall. I love this little splurge of mine!

Wild Fork Foods – This is a new grocer in the South Florida area focused on meats. Wild Fork controls every step of the process from farm to fork. They manage the farms, all the way to the retail stores, and that is evident in their extremely affordable prices. By doing this, Wild Fork ensures you get the highest quality, biggest selection and most consistent eating experience. They also deliver which makes grocery shopping so easy.

Matcha Lattes – Matcha is made from the finely-ground leaves of green tea plants. It is a very fragile form of green tea, but it has become my favorite drink at Starbucks very quickly. They’re not for everyone, though. It’s a love or hate drink, for sure! But try it and you may be pleasantly surprised with a new favorite. 

Hair Barrettes – Broken hair clips, no more. Hair barrettes are here to save the day. I loathe hair clips, but love having my hair in a half up/half down style. Hair clips always break legs, so their older sister, the barrette is here to solve our problems and last way longer. They make a super cute accessory, and I love this pack from Amazon!

Bic Gelocity Quick Dry Pens – Ugh, my search for the best pens is over! As an avid planner, I love colorful pens and I picked these up at a convenience store and fell in love. They come in a huge area of colors, and satisfy all my needs. They don’t bleed, rub, and go on super smoothly. Highly recommend these if you are looking for great pens.

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