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Have you seen the ads on your social media floating around for Wild Fork Foods? Well, I was able to experience Wild Fork firsthand at its Taste the Wild Fork Way event in the Fort Lauderdale store, and I have a full report to give you!

The Wild Fork Way

First, let’s talk about this “Wild Fork Way”. Wild Fork controls every step of the process from farm to fork. They manage the farms, all the way to the retail stores, and that is evident in their extremely affordable prices. By doing this, Wild Fork ensures you get the highest quality, biggest selection and most consistent eating experience. Removing middlemen also reduces prices.

On the Wild Fork website, they mention that they source beef from the best slow feeders in Nebraska and Colorado. Because of the cold climate and lush grasslands, this region produces some of the top cattle in the world.

The beef is aged in a climate-controlled environment for 17 days, which enhances the flavor and tenderness. Even pork is aged for a minimum of 8 days.

Frozen is Fresher

The most unique aspect of Wild Fork Foods is their freezing methods. Wild Fork uses snap freezing to freeze meats at the peak of freshness and maintain them at frozen temperatures throughout the supply chain.

Snap freezing reduces crystallization and maintains juiciness, preserving the flavor and tenderness. This reduces the chances of the meat being stored and transported at inconsistent temperatures.  Wild Fork believes Frozen is Fresher, and after the tasting I wouldn’t disagree. Buying freshly frozen food also reduces waste. Think about how much food you throw out because it goes bad!


You can order Wild Fork Foods online and have it shipped same-day or next day, depending on your location. If you order by 4 p.m., your items will be delivered by dinner time. They are growing FAST and I am excited to have new stores in Doral, Pinecrest, and Sunrise which will be particularly more convenient for me to shop in store. Until then, shipping is free and works just as well! You can also order online, and get free in-store pickup if that is more convenient.

The Tasting

At the Taste The Wild Fork Way event, the employees’ passion for good food filled the store. The store was beautiful in presentation, and large signs allowed for easy and effortless browsing. The foods were prepared by a professional chef, and included seafood, chicken, and beef, a great selection from which to experience the Wild Fork Way.

Meandering through the store, you could see all the selection of meats they carried. Everything from escargot, to ostrich! If you are looking for something interesting to cook, or to intrigue guests, Wild Fork has to be on your shopping list. One of the unique meats we were able to try was alligator bites, and they were delicious. Along the freezers, they have recipe cards corresponding to the meats available in that section, which makes cooking even easier (I mean how much more convenient and effortless can they make it?!). They have a professional chef on staff that curates these recipes.

Each meat has a label that indicates how it is prepared and packaged to ensure freshness and taste. These bright labels make shopping by your food goals easy. 

My favorite dish of the evening was the seafood salad. I LOVE seafood more than chicken and steak, so I totally enjoyed the seafood sampling table. They also had smoked salmon as well as cocktail shrimp. There was also rice and chicken sausage to taste. It was the most amazing chicken sausage I have ever had, and makes for such an easy meal preparation experience. The beef table was overwhemingly delicious and the selection consisted of lamb, picanha, and ham. There were also roasted potatoes and assorted sauces to try with each cut of meat. Of course, I tried them all, and the picanha was my favorite. However, the lamb was a close second. Lamb is always my go-to choice of meat at a steak restaurant.

Among the tasting tables, there were also trays of more food being walked around by employees. Among these were all beef meatballs, the alligator bites, lamb chops, and dessert.

Wild Fork also carries a smaller selection of frozen vegetables, fruits, and sides, so you can easily also shop for an entire meal, and not just meats. They also carry a ton of pre-made sauces for cooking and seasoning, and spices as well.

One of the things I liked the most about Wild Fork is that they have a great selection of precut meat that is just ready to go. No fat trimming or defrosting needed. You can throw frozen meat into a stew, or into the over, and not have to prep it at all. I would definitely even consider buying meats to take camping from Wild Fork Foods since they are so easy to cook, very affordable, and easy to scale!

Have you tried Wild Fork Foods? Let me know about your experience in the comments! I personally can’t wait to go back, shop around, and make a killer meal!

For more information, check out the Wild Fork Foods website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

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