Never been camping before? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Download a printable PDF version!


◊ Tent
◊ Air Mattress or other sleeping pad
◊ Sleeping Bag or Blankets/Sheets
◊ Battery Powered Air Pump (to inflate the air mattress)
◊ Pillow (this is a very easy item to forget!)

Personal Items & Hygiene

Bring travel-sized items and buy biodegradable products when you can, especially if camping in the wild.

◊ Baby Wipes!
◊ Toothbrush & Toothpaste
◊ Mouthwash
◊ Body Wash/Soap
◊ Shampoo and Conditioner (if there are showers)
◊ Toilet Paper
◊ Laundry Bag (I usually just bring a plastic trash bag)
◊ Hairbrush
◊ Medications (it is always good to have Advil, and any other necessary required prescription medications)


◊ Daytime clothes
◊ Hiking or other comfortable walking shoes
◊ Swimwear
◊ Pajamas
◊ Shower shoes (don’t go barefoot in public showers)
◊ Extra socks! Always bring extra socks.


This is where it gets complicated. Unless you are only bringing ready-to-eat packaged food, you will need to be prepared to cook!

◊ Stove/grill & propane gas to fuel it (some may use a fuel type other than propane gas)
◊ Butter (to cook with)
◊ Aluminum Foil
◊ Lighter
◊ Pot and pan
◊ Spatula, tongs, cooking spoon
◊ Knife
◊ Plastic cutlery for eating
◊ Paper Towels
◊ Sponge and soap
◊ Trash bag
◊ Cooler(s) with ice
◊ Ziploc bags or other food containers
◊ Firewood (if fires are allowed)
◊ S’mores Ingredients (graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate)

Other Items

◊ Plenty of Water!
◊ Hammock
◊ Flashlight or Lantern
◊ Camping Chair
◊ Hat
◊ Sunglasses
◊ Chapstick
◊ Sunscreen
◊ Bug Spray
◊ Board Games
◊ Camera

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