Ever since the JK debuted in 2007, it has been my dream vehicle. I was in middle school at the time and had previously been eyeing the brand new Hummer.

While I never thought it would be a dream come true, I purchased a sunset orange JK in April of 2015 from Arrigo Chrysler Jeep Dodge. A brand spanking new Jeep JK for an ambitious 21-year-old.

I searched high and low for a used Jeep for months. When I finally decided to purchase new, I fell in love with the Sunset Orange color. Finding a sunset orange, two door, soft top, with automatic locks and windows was not easy! It was an extremely rare color. The first chance I got to go to a dealer where the inventory listed a sunset orange JK, I took it.

After going back to the dealer for three days in a row haggling the price, I finally got my dream vehicle. The salesman, Chris, was the nicest guy I had ever met. He showed me how to put the soft top down and back up. He hooked me up with all the discounts he possibly could, and id me adieu. My entire first drive on the Jeep was topless.

The orange Jeep became Rajah. The name comes from the Disney movie Aladdin which I love so much. Princess Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess, and Rajah was her pet tiger. Rajah the JK became mine. ♥

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