Wheel Like a Girl is now available on the 4×4 Unity App!

The 4×4 Unity App is an app that includes a collection of 4×4 friendly stores, mechanic shops, restaurants and bars. The 4×4 Unity App was made for you, the off-roader to receive information on deals being provided by everyone on the app!

While the 4×4 Unity App is currently mostly based in Florida, they are working hard to become a nationwide resource for avid Jeepers everywhere.

My favorite way to use this app is at events. It pushes out notifications about every party, event, and other happenings in the Jeep world. SUPER useful for something like Jeep Beach! And now you can even receive notifications whenever I make a new post on Wheel Like a Girl!

Wheel Like a Girl is now on this app as a direct link. You can download it and access the blog straight from the app!

Here are some other benefits that the 4×4 Unity App offers:

  • Water KrawlZone TV off-road video channel.
  • Schedule of 4×4 Jeep/Off-road Vehicle/Truck meet-ups & events
  • Coupons for use at 4×4 Unity’s establishments
  • Off-road inspired apparel for sale
  • Stores that sale & specialize in 4×4 vehicles
  • 4×4 vehicle automotive off-road specialists
  • 4×4 vehicle friendly restaurants
  • Listing of Jeep/Off-road Clubs in Florida
  • Off-road recovery team/contacts in Miami.
  • Off-road Parks in Florida and US
  • National Off-road Awareness Organization
  • Monthly Scratch Card Game

Wheel Like a Girl is proud to be on this app. If you have an event, or 4×4 offer, then go to the 4×4 Unity App’s Website where you can submit your information or become a sponsor. I hope you find the app useful and beneficial in your 4×4 related events!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve downloaded it and how you like it! Hopefully one day this app will indeed be nationwide and include events from all over the country!

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