It’s time to buckle down, ladies. With Jeep Beach 2018 around the corner (just three and a half months away), it’s time to start getting my Jeep Beach body ready!

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I once went from 173 pounds to 138 pounds just in time for Jeep Beach last year. Since then, I crashed while mountain biking one day and I was unable to work out for six weeks. I haven’t been able to get back into my top shape since, but now is the time to get focused.

Jeep Beach bodies are great motivation if you’re trying to dig deep for that extra push to look good in a bikini come March! Just imagine the pictures you’ll get with your Jeep on the beach!

My training gym, B-Fit, hosts fitness challenges semi-annually. The “2018 Badass Challenge” starts today and I have never been more excited. I weighed in at 23.6% body fat, and I have set a lofty goal of 21% by the end of the challenge (mid-March). After that, I plan on taking the momentum of the challenge further and continuing to drop to my goal of 19.5% body fat by Jeep Beach.

b-fit-badass-challenge-2017The challenge includes two workouts per week, initial and final body fat assessments, and a meal plan. Last year, I followed through on every workout and cheat meals were a rare occurrence. The workouts are pretty intense, as the trainers combine exercises perfectly for a maximum workout involving cardio and leaving your muscles sore at the same time. I was in the best shape of my life. No matter what the workout plan of the day is, it ALWAYS leaves me drenched in SWEAT.

Last year, I started at around 21% and I made it down to 18.5% by Jeep Beach. The picture on the left is my progress after only eight weeks of last year’s challenge!

B-Fit uses skin fold measurements to determine body fat percentage. The B-Fit trainers are professional and the best at what they do. I trust them with all my fitness related questions.

In addition to the challenge, I will also be doing fasted cardio for thirty minutes in the mornings before breakfast. I have found that fasted cardio makes a huge difference in my personal routine for fat loss purposes.

My goals might be lofty but I am SO READY to get back in shape. Using Jeep Beach as my motivation is of course, a total Jeep girl move, but hey whatever works!!

How are you going to get in shape this year to get your Jeep Beach bod ready? Let me know your fitness plans for the new year!

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  1. GET IT GIRL ?? I’m up at 5AM at the gym everyday during the week. Wish I was able to be at jeep beach. Have fun ?

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