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This portable mini gym is how I get my workouts in on the go!

Blender Bottle ProStak, $14

This Blender Bottle is key. It comes with the signature blender ball as well as attachable compartments for supplements. The compartments are the perfect sizes for (1) a serving of preworkout, and (2) for a serving of protein powder to take on the go. There’s also a third compartment that has not one, but THREE, different sections to keep any supplemental pills/capsules as well. It is the perfect bottle to take, when you need to take all your supps with you!

AmazonBasics Exercise Mat, $17 

This mat is a basic necessity for outdoor workouts, comfort, and cushioning on several exercises. You can also take it to Yoga class, obv!

TRX Training GO Suspension Trainer Kit, $99

This is the most multipurpose item in my bag. After training at B-Fit  (see my post about B-Fit here), I realized how valuable suspension training can be and decided to get one for my own home and vacation use. There are TONS of workouts and guides online and at trxtraining.com that you can use to create a total, full-body, worthwhile workout. The kit comes with an anchor that can be attached to anything from a doorway, to a tree, to your Jeep’s rollbar! You can also use the trainer to do isolated exercises as well.

Not only is this piece of equipment super versatile for a valuable workout, but it is also incredibly light and compact. It doesn’t take up my entire bag like you would expect it to.  The kit comes with temporary access to the TRX Training app as well, which provides instruction and workouts when you need them. It is the best value kit that TRX offers, and it is well worth it.

Serious Steel Assisted Pull-Up Bands, $115 

These bands can be used to assist pull-ups, or as resistance bands for different exercises. You don’t have to buy all of them, since you can actually buy the different resistances individually based on your needs. Personally, I started by just using them as assisted pull up bands by purchasing the #2 red band.

Serious Steel Mini Loop Resistance Bands, $14

These bands are a GAMECHANGER for any ordinary body weight exercise (especially leg exercises). Use them to take your body weight squats up a couple notches, and never look back. When you are lacking gym equipment and weights, the mini bands make up for it.

Kinzi Resistance Band Set, $23 

This set is actually the first piece of equipment I purchased for on the go (or at home) workouts as recommended by my trainer at B-Fit  (see my post about B-Fit here). This can be used for a variety of exercises and you can use multiple bands at once if you need to increase resistance even more.

AmazonBasics 18 inch Foam Roller (18in), $14

Ok, so I don’t really carry this big foam roller around but I wanted to mention is anyway because it’s a very useful recovery aid. I say aid because there is no real recovery like a rest day. However, this foam roller helps reduce the tightness and soreness in your muscles and can be used to roll out your muscles before and after a workout. It’s important to learn about the correct foam rolling techniques like the ones in this YouTube video where I learned. Foam rolling incorrectly can actually cause more pain, but if done the right way it can help your muscles recover and be ready for the next workout.

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