Need to revamp your camping gear? Check out these essential items for maximum adventure and comfort.

  • ARB Air Locker Camp Chair, $53: The price may seem steep for a camping chair, BUT this is seriously the most comfortable camp chair you’ll ever sit in. Invest in something durable like this, and you will never have to purchase another camping chair again. One friend of mine had his run over by a TJ on one-tons and 42s, and the chair is intact! I can’t go camping without it!
  • Weber Liquid Propane Grill, $199: This grill is my favorite. Very durable, sturdy, and versatile. It is the perfect grill for any camping trip, picnic, or wheeling adventure. All you need is a small propane tank to power it. Plus, it comes in tons of different colors to match your personal style!

  • Eno Single Nest Hammock, $60: You can’t camp without lounging in a hammock for hours. These Eno hammocks are hands down the best in the game. One of their most handy purposes is for hanging out when
  • Camelbak Aurora Pack, $70: Going on a hike? It’s so annoying to have to carry a bottle of water the whole way. This pack is a game-changer. It carries water, as well as plenty of whatever else you’ll need on a hike in it’s multiple storage compartments. I always like to bring along granola bars and other energy dense snacks. The Camelbak is also really well insulated. You can pack ice in with your water and your water will stay cold all day!
  • Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp, $30: Trying to see at night while also using your hands is difficult. This headlamp frees up your hands and directs light in your line of vision so you can easily multitask in the dark! This comes in handy especially for cooking dinner after dark.

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