It is not every day that you can take a certified off road class. Through the Ladies Offroad Network, Charlene Bower tours the country going to 4Wheel Parts locations to host a class for ladies everywhere. This class may seem intimidating with it’s 5-hour long agenda, but it is a worthwhile time expenditure whether you have no offroad miles under your belt, or hundreds.

The class is actually open to anybody interested, not just for women. Not only that, but co-drivers are also very encouraged to go, as they are usually big helpers when it comes to recovery.

I’ve been a member of Ladies Offroad Network for a bit over a year now. As a member, this class was free of charge to me (it is normally $79 per person thanks to sponsors). I missed this same class last year because I was on the road to Moab. Although I was a bit skeptical about registering, I am so glad I did! Making a commitment that would require me to leave work early, and drive 60 miles to the West Palm Beach 4WP location was a big one! 4WP West Palm Beach was so generous and ordered us pizza as well as provided a variety of drinks and sodas. Charlene also came equipped with snacks to get us through the five hours of learning.

I have been fortunate enough to offroad in several states and watch many recoveries. Even with all the hands on experience I have gained from offroading, Charlene’s class taught me tips and tricks that I never would have known otherwise.

For example, since everyone usually talks about how dangerous hi-lift jacks are, I never bothered learning how to use one. That is, until Charlene’s class.

Charlene brought Frankie along, her own Jeep JKU, and we got to practice on him. We learned a LOT about recovery, and how to make it as easy and effortless as possible. Charlene’s lesson on how to use a hi-lift jack was my favorite, since I have always been scared and intimidated to try. I also was able to practice plugging a tire on both the sidewall and the tread, change a tire, and learn a lot of terminology.

Even being a seasoned off-roader, I was able to take away a lot from this class. I am so glad I attended and I look forward to attending more Ladies Offroad Network events this year at SEMA.

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