Shelah Davis (@yogajeep) is one of the founders of South Florida Women Who Wheel and the first guest blog post on Wheel Like a Girl! Thank you so much, Shelah, for writing a post on this event for my blog.

The South Florida Women Who Wheel is a Jeep group in South Florida dedicated to empowering the ladies off road community in our area. This past Sunday, they hosted their first Jeep Maintenance 101 Workshop. Focusing on education of their vehicles empowers the ladies in the group and helps to build their confidence both on and off road.

The ladies started their morning discussing some of the challenges that women face in the off road community while enjoying breakfast whipped up by South Florida Women Who Wheel’s personal grill master, Jeffrey Davis (@Nekkidsoles). The subjects covered in the workshop were oil changes, tire rotations, safe jacking techniques, differential maintenance, basic fluid check and steering wheel alignments. We also discussed basic engine error codes and some hints for handling some of our regular tasks as Jeep owners.

These ladies didn’t just sit at a desk in order to learn these skills. They were able to jump in and get their own Jeeps ready for the upcoming Jeep Beach road trip and trail rides.

Also on hand to offer support (and cover the camera and video duties for our social media channels) were South East Jeeps founder, Mikal Abdullah and everyone’s favorite DJ, DJ Flip. The event was sponsored by Pedal Commander Florida. JJ Lager has been a huge supporter of South Florida Women Who Wheel since the group began in March.

The group is planning many more educational opportunities for the members including an upcoming Self Defense Course, Advanced First Aid and CPR and many off road events.

For more information, please visit their web site:

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