Thankfully for Rajah, aftermarket companies had huge savings on Black Friday. I decided I would snag a few necessities including the VKS Enforcer rear bumper (for a $120 savings and free shipping) and two brand new Motobilt Dana 44 differential covers (at 20% off with free shipping).

The Motobilt diff covers are great because they are heavy duty but also minimalist. Nobody else could beat that 20% off price, either. Currently, I have Poison Spyder Bombshell diff covers but they were powdercoated to match a silver Jeep. Buying new diff covers is just me being picky, since Poison Spyder’s are great regardless.

The VKS Enforcer rear bumper is perfect for me because I wanted a rear bumper to match the width of the Jeep body, but also not stick out too much. This bumper also allows you to keep the OEM hitch receiver which I like if I ever need to use it for a camping trailer or something heavier than just my mountain bike rack. It also comes with recovery points which always prove to be extremely useful when you need them.

I searched through every aftermarket company’s rear bumpers and the VKS Enforcer met my needs exactly. I am so picky when it comes to this stuff and it took me months to find the right bumper for me.

I can’t wait to get these parts coated in Prismatic Powders Evo Grey (which I also ordered at 25% off) to match the color on my Trail Ready beadlock wheels and get them installed on my Jeep.

What parts did you all pick up for those epic Black Friday savings? Tell me your plans in the comments!

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