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Winter in Florida is beyond beautiful. The weather is nice enough to go outside, and do a lot of camping. 

This winter faves post is a part of a seasonal favorites series, where I am collecting my latest obsessions and sharing my best product finds with you.

Erin Condren Wellness Petite Planner: It is hard to stay on track in winter when there are no beach or sandbar days to motivate you. This wellness planner tracks your meals, water intake, workouts, and more. I LOVE paper planners. Using an app doesn’t satisfy me the same way. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love adding this little booklet to your daily to-do’s to stay on track.

Anker Wireless Charging: I recently purchased the iPhone XS, and love it. I was never into wireless charging but I finally bought a wireless charger for the office. I never thought of how convenient it is! For the complete fast wireless charging experience, you’ll also need to buy the power supply separately.

Columbia Women’s Meadows Shorty Boot: I bought these boots in an effort to keep my feet warm during our January Windrock trip. There have been times at Windrock where my feet were cold and numb, and that really puts a damper on the offroading experience. These boots turned out to be amazingly comfortable, incredibly warm, and very easy to clean the mud off. They are also super light and they feel like walking on a cloud. I highly recommend these to anybody looking for a nice pair of offroading winter boots.

Apple AirPods: My mom bought me AirPods for my birthday, and once I tried them, I was made a quick believer on AirPods! They stay in my ear, which no earbuds ever have for me, and they stay put during cardio at the gym as well. I love being able to pop them in and listen to a podcast while grocery shopping without having to fight with a tangled cable. I am also very impressed with the battery life. (By the way, I bought a Chinese knock off version of the AirPods before having the real ones, and they were decent but nothing compared to the real thing).

Yi Dash Cam: This dash cam was actually a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas. It is a Chinese brand, and pretty inexpensive, but does exactly the job it needs to do. Living in Miami, a dash cam is a must!

Weber Portable Propane Grill: Winter is for camping. Lots of camping. This Weber grill THE perfect portable propane grill for camping and outdoor grilling for small groups. And trust me, I’ve been through quite a few grills. Weber’s warranty is great, and you can buy replacement parts individually, making this the last portable grill you’ll ever have to buy. 

What are your latest obsessions?

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