The adventures in Page, Arizona cost us an extra four hours of driving but it was worth it!

Horseshoe Bend

When we arrived in Page, our first stop was Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe shaped section of the Colorado River and is very close to the city of Page. There is quite a trek from the parking lot to the actual river, but mostly because of the inclines and not the amount of distance. I came to Page three years ago with my family but we never saw Horseshoe Bend. This trip was my opportunity to share it the experience with my boyfriend, Sami. Turns out this became my favorite activity we did in Page for the day. The view is incredibly and you can’t really appreciate the grandiosity of the famous landmark unless you see it for yourself.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona. Most of Lake Powell, along with Rainbow Bridge National Monument, is located in Utah, but the spot we took a dip in was nearby Page, AZ in a national park. The water was nice and cold, but it was perfectly refreshing after the hard, sandy hike up to Horseshoe Bend. Being from Miami, we don’t get to swim in lakes very often so Lake Powell was a treat with a beautiful background of amazing rock structures.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is what is called a “slot canyon” near the city of Page. It is owned by the Navajo Indians in the area, and the tours are only operated by them as well. The canyon used to be open to the public, until a flash flood came through and killed a few people while they were inside. Now, the Navajo Indians provide tours through the canyon, both upper and lower Antelope, to the public. Our tour was through Upper Antelope Canyon, where the top of the canyon is narrower and causes beams of light to make cool effects throughout the canyon. The tour includes boarding a 4×4 truck to get through the sand to get to the canyon. In the hot sun, getting inside the canyon is a huge relief from the heat, as it is cool and breezy inside. It’s amazing how water has carved the rock to form this beautiful canyon.

Our adventures in Page were totally a worthwhile detour. I totally recommend all these activities to anybody traveling through the area!

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