Nashville is about 2 and a half hours away from the town where Windrock Park is. One rainy Windrock day, we decided to make a day trip to Nashville.  

In Nashville, we did a bit of exploring. The day was very cold and windy, so it was actually a bit uncomfortable to be outside but we tried our best! 

Sky Blue Cafe 

Our first stop in Nashville was brunch at Sky Blue Café. We were a big party, so I was able to try a lot of the items on the menu and there was not a single bad choice. This brunch spot is highly recommended in Nashville, so it was the perfect way to kick off the day. I had the breakfast burrito with chili and it was amazing.  

The Parthenon 

After brunch, we went to see the Parthenon. It is not the ACTUAL Parthenon, just a re-creation of the structure in ancient Greece. There is a museum inside, but we opted out of that and took pictures and walked around Centennial Park.  

Fort Negley 

The next stop was Fort Negley. Fort Negley was a Civil War fort whose ruins are still in Nashville and are now part of Fort Negley Visitors Center and Park. Fort Negley stood as the centerpiece of Union occupied Nashville. I am a total history nerd when it comes to American history, so checking out this Civil War fort was a no brainer for me. 

Nashville What Lifts You Mural  

Of course, while in Nashville, the What Lifts You mural is a necessary photo op. This mural was created by Kelsey Montague and is 20 feet high! In addition to the big wings, there’s also a set of small ones for toddlers, or even pets to take pictures at. This mural is highly photographed and if you ever find yourself in Nashville, the mural is in the Gulch, where there are many other things to do as well.  

Pinewood Social 

We ended our day trip at Pinewood Social, a lounge of sorts near downtown Nashville. It is like a Starbucks on steroids. A coffee shop, restaurant, and bowling alley in one, Pinewood Social is a neat spot to hang out in Nashville. I had a hot cocktail of hot chocolate and spiced rum which was amazing for the cold, rainy weather.  

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