We took an extra day off this Memorial Day weekend to explore Morris Mountain ORV.

We drove up Thursday night to be able to wheel at Morris Mountain on Friday. Morris Mountain ORV Park was a fun spot, especially if you are new to wheeling. It is a tough park, but there is not much of the steep, scary climbs where people would normally get more nervous. Most of the park is pretty level, and the steep areas are small and closed in (it’s not like you are at risk of rolling off an entire mountain). We spent a good five hours wheeling at this park with a group of about seven Jeeps, all on 37″ tires and up. 

The obstacles at Morris Mountain are not scarce, and they are all very close to each other. There is not much trail riding in between huge rock gardens, which makes this park really fun. There were lines on every obstacle that were both fun and challenging, whether it is for a Jeep on 37s or on 42s.

One of the Jeeps we were with, a stretched JK on 37s, actually flopped at this park on flat road. Turns out there were big holes on both sides of about ten feet of flat dirt road, and he accidentally put a tire too far to one side which caused it to flop.

This goes to show you, that no matter how flat and safe the ground might look, always be very careful and drive slowly while off-roading. 

Luckily, his Jeep incurred no damage and neither did he. We were able to flop him back over by attaching a winch around a piece of the frame, and then towed him to the parking lot where we drained and replaced the oil.

You can get more information on Morris Mountain ORV at their website. If you’re close to the park, I highly recommend wheeling here so you can test your Jeep against some of the biggest rocks. I will definitely be coming back here one day in my own.

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