The December Boxycharm was a major hit for me. I can see myself completely utilizing every single one of these products.

Here is what I got in my December Boxy:

Cosmedix Detox Activated Mask: I have been super into masks lately and have really upped my skincare routine. Naturally, I am so excited for this charcoal mask! There are so many benefits to using activated charcoal. From toothpaste to face masks, I can get on board with this trend.

Bodyography Lip Liner: Lip liner is an underrated product that is a MUST whenever you apply a lip product. Liner keeps your lips from bleeding outside, and to be honest, I was completely in need of this lip liner. I love that I got a nude color so it will match with all my favorite lip colors!

Tarte Glitter Lip Paint: I guess there was one miss in this box. I’ll be straight up honest–I can’t stand glittery lips.

PYT Mini Hair Straightener: This ultra portable hair straightener can be shoved in your personal bag on a plane. It is so small and compact. Obviously this isn’t going to be the holy grail of hair heating tools, but having a small portable hair straightener definitely comes in handy.

Pretty Vulgar The Powder Room Translucent Setting: I love this brand more and more with every product I learn about. The packaging is always incredibly cute and clever. Setting powder is a gamechanger to makeup routines, and if you don’t utilize it yet then you are missing out. 

What was your favorite Boxy item this month? I honestly can’t pick just one favorite out of this box.

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