Ever since I bought my Jeep in 2015, it has been regularly washed and waxed by Clean Tails Mobile Detailing. Ruben, the founder of Clean Tails started his mobile detailing business so he could be his own boss and work in a field he was more passionate for, and it’s worked out really amazing for him.

Recently, Ruben has opened a garage and rebranded his business to “Detail Garage 954” where he is now offering even more detailing services to include ceramic coatings. So obviously, I went full mall crawler and got my Jeep ceramic coated!

I am so excited to finally be able to protect my Jeep’s paint in this serious way. After three years of Florida sun, sand, and dirt, this ceramic coat (and paint correction) made my Jeep look like it hasn’t even been outside of the factory. Not to mention all the trail scratches and swirls caused by brushing branches on trails have been eliminated.  

The ceramic coat Detail Garage uses is CQuartz TiO2. Since Detail Garage has an air-conditioned, indoor warehouse now, Ruben is able to apply ceramic coatings in a climate controlled environment. He is also able to cure the coating a lot faster, easier, and cleaner. Having an indoor location is extremely beneficial for this kind of work.

I was able to drop my Jeep off at Ruben’s shop on a Saturday morning, and pick it up later that day, all nice and shiny. Ruben paint corrected my Jeep and coated the body, the inner fenders, and the fender flares. We did the “water test” and it is amazing how the coating repels water, and dirt, etc. The best part of the ceramic coating is that washing my Jeep is a breeze. I can simply just rinse or pressure wash it and it will look brand new again sine everything just slides right off the ceramic coat. Doing this during peak summertime in Florida is also nice too, since the afternoon showers make washing your car irrelevant. My Jeep with the coating,, however, will stay clean a lot longer, and is just a rinse away from clean if it gets too dirty.

So far, I love the ceramic coating job done by Detail Garage and I highly recommend his detailing services. Whenever I call Ruben to have my Jeep washed, the interior is spotless and looks brand new. He’s even been able to bring back the leather feel of my steering wheel after it’s been touched and oiled up for three years. He is offering the ceramic coating at a super affordable price as well, so definitely take advantage if you are able to!  

Detail Garage will be hosting a grand opening on site. Check out the Facebook event page for Detail Garage Grand Opening for more details!

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