Thank God for that ARB warranty.

I am not sure how, but I managed to blow a front shock. I have Old Man Emu BP-51 shocks that I purchased from TruckinMotion, which are a pretty penny. They are adjustable, meaning you can adjust the rebound and compression of the shocks to your liking. You can even adjust them right before wheeling for a better experience, and adjust them back to road-worthy settings when you are done.


These shocks are more than amazing when it comes to the wide array of features comfort levels designed to match exactly what you want.

But one day while installing something else on the Jeep, I noticed I was able to push the front passenger shock in all the way with barely any effort. It was completely blown. Turns out the driver side shock was leaking oil as well.

At first, this wasn’t a big issue for me. But every day, my Jeep was doing more and more of a gangsta’ lean to the passenger side and I finally had to do something about it. Every time I would hit a speed bump, or go over something high, I could feel the bumpstops hitting and it was plain uncomfortable.

ARB is known for their superb customer service and warranty. These shocks, as well as all Old Man Emu suspension items come with a three year or 36,000 mile warranty. I emailed them explaining the issue and added some pictures. After a few exchanges of information, my brand new shocks were on the way to my doorstep.

The swap was pretty easy. Remove the wheels and tires, unbolt a couple of bolts and remove old shock, and bolt in new shock. Granted, the hard part of this shock install is the fitment kit where the shocks actually mount on, but that was already done from the first time they were installed. I packed up the old shocks in the same box and shipped them back out to ARB the next day. They provided a return label and all.

After a test drive of the Jeep, all my issues were fixed regarding the bumpstops bottoming out on speed bumps and other bumpy driving. The whole swap didn’t take much time either, and I was out of the shop in time to be home for dinner.

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