About Me

My Off-Road Life

Hi! I am Ali and I think it’s important you learn a little bit about me, my day job, and my involvement in the off-road industry. I am an average lady Jeeper just trying to make it in the off-road world! I am a veteran of the US Navy, and an engineer. I have finished a bachelor’s in engineering and will soon have a second bachelor’s with a double major in computer and electrical engineering. I work in cybersecurity and my daily job consists of “ethical hacking” where many banks and public sector organizations pay us to hack into their systems and help them improve their gaps in security.

I purchased my 2015 Jeep JK shortly after I came home from the Navy, and have been obsessed with it ever since. You can read more about my journey with Rajah here. Ever since, I have immersed myself in the off-road community and have consistently attended Jeep events and parking lot meets. I have made incredible friends in the community, some of which will be my friends even outside of the Jeep world.

In August 2018, I went to Moab for the wedding of a Jeeper couple that I am close friends with. We did an entire trip where I was able to trailer my Jeep to Moab and experience some of the toughest trails. Building a badass rock crawler can be expensive, and I have so far built my Jeep in stages. I keep being dragged into my love for offroading with every trip I take, and go further into building.

I have always been involved in very male dominant communities: military, engineering, IT, etc. I strive to be a role model for my thirteen year old sisters, and to encourage their technical interests. The same goes for off-roading. When I bought my Jeep, I never would have thought I would be where I am now, but I want others to know that they can do it too. You don’t have to be “in the industry” or work for an off-road company. You can be the average weekend warrior and build a badass rock crawler too. My goal for this blog is to transcend typical social media, and create lasting, relevant content that will inspire others.

Build Plans

The Build Never Ends

My current build is a one-ton 2015 Jeep Wrangler on Ford Superduty axles with a rear stretch. I have been able to wheel confidently and have pushed my Jeep its limits. Currently, I am working on some aesthetic modifications to include corner armor, paint, and powdercoat. In the future, I plan to modify the current axles by eliminating the ball joints in the front, and shaving the rear Sterling differential. Some more future plans include:

  • Performance Steering Components steering system (big bore steering box, Power Steering Pump & Remote Reservoir Kit)
  • TNT Customs Corners for 8″ rear stretch
  • Custom Roll Cage and Sliders (tied into frame)
  • JK8 Master Cylinder
  • Sterling 10.5 Differential Shave Kit


Handy Tools
  • Over 7,000 unique visitors per month on the Wheel Like A Girl blog
  • SEMA/AAPEX shows media badge credentials and access
  • Tech savvy (web development, SEO, web analytics, engineering, AutoCAD, Adobe programs, you name it)
  • Active in Jeep and off-road related Facebook groups
  • Point of contact for many new Jeepers in FL, especially females, who are looking for advice on parts
  • Attends many and most Jeep events in Florida
  • Experience with creating and marketing YouTube videos
  • Experience with sponsored blog posts and product reviews (both on blog and manufacturer website)
  • Public Facebook and Instagram profiles

Annual Industry Events

Be There or Be Square

These are some of the annual events I normally attend or would be willing to attend if requested (more available as needed):

  • Jeepin’ With Judd | Bartow, FL | February
  • Jeep Beach | Daytona, FL | April
  • Mayday Miami | Miami, FL | May
  • Sheriff’s Jeepfest | Jasper, GA | September
  • Jeeptoberfest | Ocala, FL | October
  • Krawln’ for the Fallen | Starke, FL | November
  • SEMA/AAPEX Media | Las Vegas, NV | November


I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I am heavily involved in the off-road community in South Florida and Florida as a whole. I attend social events on a weekly basis with my Jeep. Here are some shops, brands, and partners I have worked with in the past and present in order to provide meaningful content, create value, and promote relationships.

Inspired Engineering | Miami, FL

  • Created and edited marketing videos, to include off-road trips and special event recaps
  • Built a new eCommerce website and set up email marketing
  • Coordinated giveaways for social media platforms
  • Created sale ads to be used on social media
  • Attended Jeep Beach 2016, 2017, 2018 as a marketing partner

Veloz Audio | Miami, FL

  • Sponsored audio marketing for Veloz Audio based in Miami, FL
  • Creating videos to be used in social media marketing

Truckin Motion | Miami, FL

  • Attended multiple group wheeling trips with Truckin Motion shop and sponsors such as ARB 4×4 in 2015-2018
  • Promoting shop events such as grand opening and Thursday night socials

Ladies Offroad Network

  • Active member since 2017
  • Participated in Ladies Offroad Challenge 2019
  • Attends Ladies Offroad Network events such as Trail Training days at 4Wheel Parts stores nationwide

ProClip USA

  • Created several ProClip sponsored blog posts
  • Advertised ProClip mounts for Jeep JK on social media to include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Wrote product reviews on all applicable products on the ProClip USA website

onX Offroad

  • Provided photos from offroad trails around the country to assist in building app
  • Mapping trails on the onX Offroad app
  • Official affiliate marketing partner with personalized referral links
  • Creating sponsored blog posts about the onX Offroad app


  • Received an early release of the SPOT x Jeep edition satellite messenger device
  • Tested and provided feedback to SPOT LLC about device
  • Activated and used satellite messaging device on offroad trips
  • Creating sponsored blog posts about the SPOT messenger device and the Jeep edition

Beat Not Babied

  • Built new eCommerce website to incorporate multiple points of sale
  • Installed SSL certificate and configured secure credit card processing
  • Provided business consulting and a streamlined shipping process